Bringing Hope to the despaired

Serve the community,provide aid,improve lives and help end poverty.

With 72% of Zimbabweans living under the poverty line Faith Foundation seeks to eradicate poverty and hunger through empowering and supporting individuals and families living in poverty. Faith Foundation pays special attention to adolescent girls and young women as females make over half of the population and are at risk of unemployment, HIV&AIDS, gender-based violence and poverty.

Who We Are

Faith Foundation (FF) is a Community Based, Charity Trust that seeks to serve the needs of the most vulnerable and marginalized in the communities through the use of targeted interventions . Our Mission is to provide support and improve people’s lives and assist them to escape poverty.

We ultimately want to bring hope. Hope to those who have given up, hope to those who are weary & hope to those who have been forgotten by society.

What We Do


— We Educate

We teach marginalized groups several skills to promote self sustainability.


— We Build Networks

We connect with like minded individuals and organisations.


— We Empower

Teaching girls self empowering skills development.


— We Support

Provide support to orient the youth.


— We Provide Care

We provide nutrition, food security, clothing, necessary school supplies to the impoverished and disadvantaged groups.


— We Promote Equality

We promote and support equality and social justice.

Impact Stories

“l have received help from Faith Foundation since 2015. l failed my Ordinary level and Faith Foundation paid for my exam fees to rewrite and my lessons till now. They never gave up on me. My family has been supported by her with groceries as they cant afford to buy for themselves and we so grateful for all of this. The director has been my advisor, counselor and my mentor and i have been given an opportunity to show my gratitude through volunteering with FF and helping other young women such as myself. I have learnt so much and i would not be where i am if it was not for Faith Foundation. I have hope in everything now.”
Yvonne Nyaya, 26, Mother of 1, Budiriro

“Last year I left my husband in Guruve due to domestic violence. I came to Harare a couple of months ago to look for a job as a housemaid so i can take care of my children and put them through school. I had been failing to get a new job and became hopeless till i heard an organisation called Faith Foundation has a program that teaches young women skills they can do with their hands. i was happy when i joined this program because i now do not spend time sitting at home stressing i know spend my days selling detergent and teaching others how to make them. I want to Thank Faith Foundation for what they have taught me and for considering me”
Chiedza Hofisi, 27, Single Mother of Twins


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