Who We Are

Defend the vulnerable

We are a movement bringing hope to the forgotten and marginalized communities

Who We Are

” I started Faith Foundation (FF) in 2015 when i was 17. Growing up much fortunate than a lot of people in this country I believed I had a role to play in using the opportunities and resources i had to help advance the lives of others. I was exposed to the vulnerabilities people, especially women are experiencing every day and realized that I have the capacity to do something about it and drive change. And so, began our journey as FF. We started small by making donations to orphanages and throwing Christmas parties for the kids there. Slowly over the years with the help of supportive individuals, friends, family the vision to make a difference grew and we began facilitating more activities to assist more vulnerable groups in need. ” – Kundai Makonese (Founder)

Faith Foundation (FF) is a Community Based, Charity Trust that seeks to serve the needs of the most vulnerable and marginalized in the community. It is a registered Trust (MA0001187/2019) under the legal laws in Zimbabwe. We empower, support, educate, provide care and promote equality.

Our Approach

We Empower and Provide Food Relief

Faith Foundation seeks to serve the needs of vulnerable and marginalized groups within the high density and peri-rural communities through the use of targeted interventions. Our Mission is to provide aid and support to vulnerable and marginalized communities to assist them to improve their lives and escape poverty. Our main target beneficiaries are girls and women who are homeless, orphans, youth and from low-income households and children in high density and peri-rural areas. Our two focus areas for our beneficiaries are Empowerment and Foodrelief.

The organization is run by an executive director and operational team that works to improve the lives of disadvantaged individuals.


— Our Mission

To serve the community by
providing aid to improve people’s lives and assist them to escape poverty.


— Our Vision

To bring hope to the despaired.